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Yes, I'm a little cranky.

And I'm too lazy to write interesting HTML right now, so I'm just going to use the built-in tripod site builder. Hmmmm, my rant page appears to be an e-zine now. OK, so I guess that my rants will be in the Articles section... and I'll maybe transcribe some bitter conversations I've had with other people in the Interviews section... and then I'll put pictures of my victims, er, I mean, subject matter in the Photo Album. Sweet!

Unlike most rant pages, I won't be ranting about The Man, The Government, or the state of the world today. Nope, this is a completely personal self-centered rant page. I'll be bitching about love, lack of it, how much it sucks, and how much it sucks to be me. I've also got some raves about love and friendship and ice cream, but I'm in a bad mood at the moment so none of that >:)

This could be the beginning of a horribly trite relationship...

July 2nd, 2000

Links, summaries... what do you take me for?! Am I a little monkey to dance about making life easy for you? Get off my back! Monkey no like clean!