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Getting Over It

Whereupon our heroine examines her handy survival techniques.

You know, it's a lot easier to stop "liking" someone than people make it out to be. It's not hard at all. You just reach down and find that dead place and dump it all in. What IS hard is coming to terms with the realization that THEY do not like YOU. That's a bitch, painwise. It takes a long time for that kind of sickened, embarrassed hurt to go away.
But I'm over it now :>
That was quick, wasn't it? It's so easy to take an imaginary slight and blow it out of proportion. There! Now she's just a bitch, so I don't care... "What care I for human hearts... warm and sticky like porridge!" Yes, I'm a freak. And the more I remember that, the more I revel in it and the less it hurts.
But I don't even fit in with the freaks anymore. I don't fit. Anywhere. And it's ok, right? it's fine that I feel like a fucking outcast everywhere I go, right? Cause I fucking love it! I love that cool Sylvia Plath wrong-side of the window feeling when I'm with so-called friends, it just gives me warm bunny fuzzies all over! I love feeling the most out-of-place when I'm in my so-called niche!