The Boogie Woogie Boys of the Band

Welcome to my little tribute to Jack Lukeman and the Black Romantics. Or, Jack + band as they are affectionately known to us. The first 2 sets of pics were taken by yours truly in Boston during the Fleadh weekend. The rest were taken in NYC in November at various venues. I have decided to create a link list rather than compromise the quality of the pics by shrinking them too much, so please enjoy! Links to the other wonderful Jack-sites are at the bottom of the page, and I have quasi-lyrics for a few non-recorded faves


Introducing that WonderBand from Ireland...

The Man In Black- Jack Lukeman

Brian's divinity shines though in an unguarded moment

Benny Blanco caressing the keyboards

Brian and Martin trying to find the ON switch

Dave prepares to jam as onlookers stand fearfully in the shadows

The PuppetMaster releases the strings

A beautific Derek Harrison

Frankie getting funky

Celebrity Profile: Ginger O'Keefe

The Smoking Man looks down and burns a hole in his jeans


Into the Great Wide Open...
The Boys Opening the Guinness Fleadh

The police stake out the best seats early

The crowd begins to gather

Why, who're those strange girls in front?

We're the Groupies, where's the Band?!

Pre-Show Kickabout

The stage is (almost) set...

Jack reaches out to his fans :)

Jack acting all coy


"This One's For the Girls..."
Jack+Band at the Embassy

When they smile like that, you *know* they're up to no good

Jack's eyes begin to glow as he recognizes the soundguy...

Jack strikes up the band

I brought toys... but they had their own

Watch Out! Frankie's on a roll!

Jack's Kung-Fu is the Best

Jack's Hair takes over the stage

No Maybes- A LOT on the Weird Side

Pinky, are you thinking what I'm thinking?


mmmmmmm... hot Brownies

The Band starts to jam...

Watch out for the drummer, Jack... he's lookin atcha funny

Dave looking pensive

Ginger jams the bass right through the amp

Ginger relaxes into the groove

Jack looks disturbed by the audience

Jack flees as Ginger tears up the bass

Dave looks alarmed as Jack comes for him...

...then relieved as Jack gives up

Jack's arm disappears into the night

the power of Jack+Band tears open the roof

Come into my lair

Don't be shy

Jack *really* likes the tambourine

Dave takes the lash proudly

Brian thinks he's safe...

...until Jack goes after him!

Jack screams for the bass

Ginger snaps Jack with his own boa

Jack is down for the count


where do we want the band?
Jack+Dave in The Living Room

the lovely venue

Dave smirks at the adoring fans

Jack blesses the crowd

either stricken with remorse or checking out his shoes

There can be only one!

an introspective moment

Jack jumps up on a chair...

... and pops through the roof! The crowd is amazed!

Dave wonders how Jack will get down

the boys play to each other

and Jack brings down the house


Pearls Before Swine:
Jack+Dave in the bowels of The Torch

Jack shoots a look at Martin

the boys settle in for the duration

the boys enjoy the calm before the loud obnoxious storm

two troubadors

Jack opens his heart (and his shirt!)

Jack's backbreaking labours

the boys refuse to acknowledge the snooty waitress

Pure sound

Jack *likes* the old-fashioned mike

Jack leans back into it

Resistance is futile

A huge forcefield expands around the distraught singer

Nice shot of the back of Dave's head

Jack starts channelling the Beast

Forget Jack, Dave thinks *we're* crazy

Jack and the Erotic Harmonica

Hey Dave, pull my finger

THIS is the evil GrandSnobJerk in front of the camera

everything leans forward a bit

Jack gives his all

Jack hits the bottle (of water)

Lyrics of Live Songs

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